About us

The organisation and aims

The company is organised in accordance to article 2615 ter c.c, therefore it has a consortium nature and aim. As the main purpose, it manages the local public transport service, relative to the competition for the trust of the business of services of the urban and extra-urban TPL, in the area of the province of Siena. This was a unique competition, adjudicated by the Provinicial Administration of Siena on the 2nd of December 2004.

The formation of the consortium

The following form the consortium:
• the assembly
• the board of directors
• the chairperson
• the Collegio Sindacale
• the business director

The contributors of the company:  
1. TIEMME S.p.A 86,22%
2. BUSITALIA S.p.A. 7,56%
3. ByBus 6,22%
Sede della Società
Strada Statale 73 Levante, n° 23, Loc. Due Ponti,
53100 Siena
tel. 0577/204.111 (centralino) - Fax 0577/223.896
Sito internet: www.sienamobilita.it - info@sienamobilita.it
Call center: tel. 0577/204.246 (tutti i giorni dalle 7 alle 20)
URP: tel. 0577/204.259 – info@sienamobilita.it

C.F. e n. iscrizione alla CCIAA: 01142800521
N. REA: SI – 0124021
Capitale Sociale, interamente versato: € 25.000,00
Siena mobilita in figures
KMs offered:  
Service of frequency  3.961.188
Service of fixed time-table 13.418.923
TOTAL OFFERED      14.696.731